Feb 132016

Simple LED and switch project for Redfern Crumble board

This project uses:

1x Red LED

1x Push button switch

1x 270 ohm resistor

4x DuPont cables or croc-clip leads


flat short-legged side of the LED connects to the resistor & black wire.

resistor can be 220 ohm if you don’t have any 270 ohm.

The Crumble program waits until the button is pushed and turns the LED on for 5 seconds, then turns it off.


You program the Crumble by dragging blocks across from the left to the right

Try changing the program so the light only stays on for two seconds. Try changing the program so the LED flashes on and off twice.

Here’s how we power the Crumble


we soldered pin posts onto our Crumble board so we can use standard Arduino breadboard cables with it.

the Crumble board is sat on our 3D printed holder, which you can download fromĀ securipi.co.uk/crumble_crib.stl

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