Jul 112017

The Senior Guardian project uses a PIR motion sensor to discretely keep an eye on an older vulnerable relative who lives alone.

Each time a person walks past the PIR sensor it adds one to the number of movements detected that hour. It stores the number of movements detected each hour in a Python list and can send an email to your PC or phone that looks like this:

If you didn’t see any PIR detections at times you’d normally expect them to be up & around, then you could call them up to check everything’s okay or get a neighbour to check on them.

The PIR sensor attaches on GPIO pin 4 and is wired up like this:

or you could use one of our PIR Adapter Clips if you don’t want to use cables.

This version of the Python script (pir5.py) emails a copy of today’s log to two different email addresses once an hour (there are other variations in our download)

Download our free PDF Guide : Senior Guardian PDF guide

Download the Senior Guardian scripts direct to your Pi with

wget www.securipi.co.uk/sg.zip
unzip sg.zip

Buy a PIR with Cables and GPIO pin card £3

Buy a PIR Alarm kit for Raspberry Pi £11.99

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