Jun 282017

In our previous post we showed you how to use a Raspberry Pi and a USB audio adapter to make a MAX9812 room mic that can listen out for commands and read out the news, share prices, weather, time and turn an LED on or off. This is basically the same thing, but with the mic wired directly to the CHIP’s Mic in port.

The software listens out for the keyword “Oscar”. Once it hears the keyword it then listens out for the words “News, Weather, Shares, Light On, Light Off or Time”.

If you want to control an LED using the “Light On” or “Light Off” commands, then you need to wire this up too:

The full PDF instructions (2 pages A4) http://www.securipi.co.uk/vrchip.pdf

Software ZIP file http://www.securipi.co.uk/vrchip.zip

You can buy a £9.99 kit of the Mic, breadboard, cables and components at http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Voice-Recognition-kit-for-Google-Cloud-Speech-API-AIY-on-Pocket-Chip-C-H-I-P-/162594971425? (we ship worldwide)

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